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Recapturing Your Creative Spirit by C. McNair Wilson

C. McNair Wilson lives his life at the confluence of faith and art, a bustling intersection these days. McNair — a San Francisco Bay Area resident — has worked professionally as actor, director, teacher, playwright, Disney Imagineer, coach to public speakers and corporate executives, author, cartoonist, magician, and ventriloquist (retired).

McNair travels the world (33 countries) and has performed his two one-man plays, The Fifth Gospel and From Up Here at colleges, conferences, and churches of every flavor. He has taught his trademark IMAGINUITYTM process (now on video) for clients as diverse as IBM & the Salvation Army.

Voices of Experience

My friend Doug Turkel has just released an eBook called Voices of Experience. Doug provided me with an advance copy and I have to tell you, I think this is a seriously first class book with wonderful insights from a number of very experienced voice actors. I think you will enjoy this eBook, Voices of Experience, a great deal. I sure am.

(Update: This was supposed to post a few days ago, but my blog software decided to hold it until now. Computers are wonderful, when they work. Otherwise, not so much.)

Vocal Health – Part 1: Two Lumps In My Father’s Throat Led To This Quick Course In Vocal Health, by Elizabeth Holmes

Usually we don't pay much attention to our vocal health - until something goes wrong, notes voice talent and author Elizabeth Holmes. The discovery of two lumps in her father's throat sent Elizabeth into weeks of doctors' visits and diagnostic tests, leading to Part 1 of this VoiceOverXtra series on how to protect your voice and health. Quick tips abound ...

FREE Classes at The Great American Pitchfest 9

The Great American Pitchfest, at the Burbank Marriot Hotel and Convention June 1-3

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Making Arkham City

The voice actors behind the hit game, Batman: Arkham City.

Career: Beware The Rise In Abusive Hiring And Talent Representation Tactics, by Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr.

Abusive tactics of some who would hire or represent non-union performers are on the rise, observes Robert Sciglimpaglia, who sees this first-hand as an actor, voice talent, and attorney representing performers. For instance - paying to audition, paying agents 'maintenance fees,' stiff contracts ...

Marice Tobias is back in New York

“bridges” Vol. 33 is now live

The newest edition, “bridges” Vol. 33, has been released by the Office of Science and Technology at the Embassy of Austia in Washington, DC. It’s my pleasure to record the podcasts for each quarterly release.

Voice Acting: Clicks, Pops & Slurps – How To Minimize Annoying Mouth Noise, by Susan Berkley

Are your recordings plagued by annoying mouth noise - clicks, pops and slurps? Veteran voice talent and coach Susan Berkley shares how to reduce or even eliminate the problem ...

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